Rocket Power – Lee Ji-hye
Hate Me – M.Street
Stay At Shanghai – Wink
Even the Edge of Clothes – M Signal
Mini Me – Xcross
Love, Such a Thing – Park So-bin
Broken Yesterday – Flower
Because I’m Crazy – AA
Can’t Have a Word with You – Beige
By Chance – LED APPLE
You Would Never Know – JCERA
Pop Pop Pop – RaNia
Window – Trax
G.D.M – M.I.B
Ma Boy2 (Feat. Yejin of BraveGirls) – Electro Boys
My My – A Pink
Burning Friday (Feat. Simon D) – Dynamic Duo
A long day – Tim
Sales King – Norajo
Love Letter – AfterSchool, DongHo, JongHyun
Oh My Gosh – Seo In-yeong
Cry Cry – T-ara
Be My Baby – Wonder Girls
Uncle – IU
You&I –IU
The Boys – Girls’ Gneration